NFL News Daily is an American Football Aggregator for American Football fans

NFL News Daily started in late 2015, the concept was that any American football fan could find all they need to on the latest NFL news no matter what club they support, all on one page.

Client: W14 Media

Category: Web Design and SEO

Date: June 2016


This site has had many visual overhauls, the most recent being in June. What we wanted was to keep the design of the site very simple, due to the amount of traffic it would be generating. What we’ve managed to do is create a grid style system so that the news articles and advertisement banners fit effortlessly side by side, so that it doesn’t affect the user’s experience.


The SEO strategy of this site was very hard due to the nature of the competitors for the keywords who were all American national newspapers. This meant we were having to focus on lesser keywords to get to the number one spot on Google, these tended to be longer keywords and less frequently searched but still do bring a significant amount of traffic to the site.