PB Technique Detailing are specialists for car detailing in the North East of England

PB Technique Detailing are specialists in car detailing in the North East of England. They are specialists in paint/bodywork protection and operate across the North East of England; including Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Darlington and Hartlepool.

Client: PB Technique Detailing

Category: Web Design and SEO

Date: October 2017

Target Keywords: Newcastle Car Detailing, North East Car DetailingNewcastle car valet 


The site was designed to have a slick feel to it, given the industry the company is in, dealing with high-end cars. The site was made as a one-page site so that the user can seamlessly scroll down moving to each section that they want. It also includes a portfolio of all the cars that the company has worked on, so the user can see what an incredible job they do.


It might seem like an easy niche to target, with only a few firms in the industry in the region that the company operates in. However, as most of the companies competitors have been around for a long time, with some even undertaking Adwords campaigns to rank at the top of Google it can be hard. However, we laid the groundworks starting with Social Media, then Business Directories building it up to external posts linking back to the website.