Your Daily Arsenal is a blog about English Football Club Arsenal

Your Daily Arsenal started as an Arsenal Blog in July 2012, with one person writing a Blog on current Arsenal news. Since then it has had multiple authors writing anything from opinion pieces to match previews. Although there isn’t new content every single day of the year, the website has had a big readership. From its foundation to August 2017 it has had over 837,000 unique readers.

Client: W14 Media

Category: Web Design and SEO

Date: June 2016

Target Keywords: Arsenal Blog, Arsenal Injury News, Arsenal Transfer News.


This site has had many visual overhauls, the most recent being in June. With most news websites or blogs nowadays relying on advertising revenue to be able to generate revenue to pay the costs of the website, it is also the same with this website. However, unlike other websites, we didn’t want to damage the users expereience. This meant we’ve made the site easy to read with bold colours and ones that fit in with the team in focus colours.


With most football fans turning to the internet for their news instead of newspapers it was important that the site was high up in the search results when they were searching. With this in mind, we managed to get the site included on Google News and other news aggregators so that when a fan searches a particular topic if the website has an article related to that topic it will show up.